Coral-Mine 30 sachets

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Coral-Mine" onderhoudt de functies van alle lichaamsorganen en systemen door het regelen mineralenbalans. Een sachet verrijkt het water (1,5 L) met heilzame mineralen..

Coral-Mine 30 sachets

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  • Coral-Mine 30 sachets


3 zakj"Coral Mine" is a natural product from Japan made of
deep-sea coral (scleractinias) collected in the Sea of Japan,
near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima.
"Coral-Mine" normalizes the functions of all bodily organs and
systems by regulating mineral balance.
A sachet placed in water enriches it with beneficial minerals,
restores water-salt balance, has a positive effect on the kidneys
and digestive system functions, and helps to regulate blood pressure.
The components promote growth of bone and connective tissue with
beneficial effects on overall health, and a mild tonic effect.
The product regulates water-salt and pH balance and improves overall
condition of the body. It normalizes metabolism and contributes to energy
reserves of the body. It is recommended for athletes and those who have
to withstand physical and nervous stress.
The minerals of "Coral Mine" complex normalize metabolism of proteins,
lipids, and nucleic acids. Magnesium and calcium work effectively to restore
musculoskeletal system function and contribute to the renewal of bone and
connective tissue. The sodium component helps regulate the cardiovascular
system by improving the condition of blood vessels and the heart.
Magnesium is involved in far more functions than mere transmission of
nerve impulses. It also serves to normalize the nervous system by relieving
depression. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging.
This particular combination of the ingredients has a remarkable synergetic effect
as a beneficial influence of each ingredient is further enhanced and supported
by the others. Place one unopened sachet into 1.5 liter of water (bottled or filtered
water preferably). The water becomes ready within 5 minutes.
Drink the water throughout the day.

Presentatie:  3 zakjes (10 sachets per zakje)

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