Colo-Vada Plus-14 dag. detox-kuur

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Colo-Vada Plus - detox programma voor 14 dagen

Colo-Vada Plus-detox programma

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  • Colo-Vada Plus-detox programma


The Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus for cleansing may be used in conjunction with diets and fasting.
This program is designed for 14 days and includes a 3-step process that permits maximum efficacy
of detoxification, improves the digestive tract function and preserves beneficial intestinal microbial flora.

The products included in Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus have the following beneficial effects:
• detoxifying;
• laxative;
• anthelmintic and antimicrobial;
• stimulating peristalsis;
• normalizing microbial flora of the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive process;
• they act as a tonic and an antioxidant;
• supports the balance of vitamins and minerals in the course of a diet.

Take one packet in the morning and one packet in the evening as directed. During Stage 2 add 4 packets
of Colo Vada Powder per day as directed. Drink Plenty of water.

1st Stage, Preparation - 7 days
For the first phase of the program use 14 packets number 1.
Each of these packets includes the following products: Ultimate, Mega Acidophilus, Vitamin C,
Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, Combination 2 and Black Walnut Leaves. At this particular stage a body is
preparing for a detox and toxins are being flushed to the large intestine.
The supply of nutrients helps normalize bowel function.

2nd Stage Cleansing - 4 days
For the second phase of the program use 8 packets number 2 and 16 packets of "Colo-Vada Mix" powder.
Each packet # 2 contains: Ultimate, Mega Acidophilus, Vitamin C, Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, Combination 2,
and Black Walnut Leaves. Each pouch of "Colo-Vada Mix" powder contains: Psyllium husk powder,
Kaolin powder, Citrus rind powder, Lecithin powder, Prune powder, and Licorice root extract.
At this particular stage "Colo-Vada Mix" powder swells to form a gelatinous matter that encapsulates
large masses of stagnant bowel contents and easily removes them.

3rd Stage Recuperation - 3 days
For the third stage of the program use 6 packets # 3 with the following ingredients: Ultimate,
Mega Acidophilus, Vitamin C, Alfalfa, Cascara Sagrada, DigestAble.
The 3rd stage is about restoration of the gastrointestinal tract and gut microbial flora through
a combination of natural probiotic cultures (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) and digestive enzymes
(amylase, protease, lipase, bromelain, etc.). If you have been weakened by stress, alcohol, smoking,
bad environment, poor or starvation diets, the Detox/Cleansing Program from Coral Club is just ordered.
We have selected products that will eliminate toxins and waste from your body and allow it to once
again function properly.

28 packets (capsules, tablets) 16 packets (powder)

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